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Letter — Do something about TRPA

Tahoe Daily Tribune

I read an article last week published by Greg Crofton stating that the TRPA will take a fundamental look at how it does business and that the TRPA has set aside $75,000 to hire a firm to conduct the audit. WHAT? TRPA could then use the findings of this audit to promote its own agenda through the court systems and the state and federal government. This sounds like Enron. This week I read a letter to the editor suggesting an investigation into the TRPA. I suppose the TRPA would like to pay for that themselves, too. A lot of people are outraged with the TRPA (as is Mr. Friedling). The ethics of the TRPA are highly questionable and their behavior is very suspicious — contradictions and hypocrisy every time you look at them. Members of the TRPA boards are shuffled in and out. People often leave the TRPA to become consultants — to help developers to circumvent the rules established by the TRPA boards. The TRPA has SOLD OUT protection of the environment for development. While hiding behind the curtain of environmental protection, the TRPA and developers make deals (through loopholes/amendments to codes and ordinances) that are blatantly harmful to Lake Tahoe’s environment. This is a sin.

I agree that an investigation is badly needed and long overdue, and I share in the question, “Who is responsible for investigating and prosecuting?” I intend to find out. When I do find out, I would love to present as many statements as I can collect from citizens and property owners in the community around Lake Tahoe who feel ripped off by the TRPA. Please e-mail your statements to PatSnyderRoofing@aol.com or fax to (530) 577-1688. I will carry them forward. E

Pat Snyder

South Lake Tahoe