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Letter: Does the city need more revenue?

Not long ago, the city claimed it needed more revenue. It made a move, the parking meter gambit. It was defeated at the ballot box.

The funny thing was the city carried on, nothing seemed changed. No harm done. Now the city must be loaded. For recreation the city is willing to spend $1.2 million in a partnership with the college, which is a gamble. The city council ignores its most important partnership with citizens.

The city’s fiscal behavior is odd. It claimed poverty pushing parking meters not long ago. But in a quick turn around, the city has money to speculate on recreation play fields. Such behavior raises a question about trust. What are citizens to believe? Is the city juggling the books today or tomorrow to fulfill an agenda? If so, it is acting perfidiously. That would be a shame.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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