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Letter — Dogs rule the Lake Tahoe Basin


I agree with Mrs. Dellarusso about unleashed dogs and I have to say something too.

I am not a dog owner and I do not run. Why don’t I run? I won’t even dare to go for a walk in the woods. Three times I have tried to take a walk down to the airport and three times I was confronted with one or more unleashed dogs. Every time the owner came walking up after a few minutes saying, “Oh, this is a friendly dog.”

Have dog owners ever considered people who may not like dogs or are afraid of dogs? Do dog owners really think their dog is the cutest and friendliest in town but at the same time ignore other people’s feelings and fears?

Dog owners acting like this are taking away our space in nature.

It reminds me of the smokers and non-smokers. To me, those dog owners act like smokers who don’t like non-smokers. I know so many smokers who say, “Hey, that damn non-smoker doesn’t want me to smoke here” and ignore people out in the world who don’t like the smell and the danger of smoke.

Doesn’t that make you people think?

A few months ago my husband was bitten by a Rottweiler in the Sierra Tract. He was riding his bike when this dog came charging at him from the yard, attacking my husband and biting him on the leg. Just like that!

The dog owners were just standing there doing nothing, saying nothing. The only comment they had later (after we called Animal Control): “The dog doesn’t like bikers.”

Great answer! What if this biker would have been a little kid? Would the child be dead by now? The kid’s throat would have been at the same height as my husband’s leg.

Do dog owners ever think about the danger of their dogs?

Can we not even ride our bikes in the neighborhood anymore without taking the chance of getting bitten by a dog?

I really think ALL dog owners should reconsider this matter and take on some responsibility for their beloved dogs. Guess they don’t want them to end up in the pound and put down. I honestly tell you if I ever get attacked by a dog, I won’t hesitate to call Animal Control and follow all the way through until the dog is put down.

G. Melickian

South Lake Tahoe

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