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Letter: Don’t cry over spilled garbage

I think the people who call about bears in their garbage need to be slapped repeatedly until they wake up.

Why the heck do they call? Do they really think someone is going to pick the garbage up for them? It’s not going to happen.

Do they think they will have a talk with the bear to stay out of it? It’s not going to happen.

What is going to happen is the beautiful wild animal, who was living here before man, is going to be hunted down and shot. I read the other day they shot a bear for getting into garbage because it was a second time!

If a bear is coming around for seconds it means the people did nothing on their end to prevent it. People should instead get a good bear-proof can; put the can elsewhere, like garage or porch; keep their garbage clean by washing all cans and wrappings that smell yummy before throwing them out; put all “wet trash” in the garbage disposal; or douse it with pine-sol … and so on.

Do they want the poor, hungry animals — who had a very bad year for natural food due to drought — killed?

They [officials] should tell people who call not to cry about “spilled garbage.” Rather they should pick it up and put it up.

Gerry Callahan

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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