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Letter — Douglas is for developers

Tahoe Daily Tribune

True to form the Douglas County Commissioners betrayed residents of Douglas County in favor of developers.

After promising to pass rent control to prevent an outrageous 25 percent rent increase they themselves stated was “transparent” in that the only reason the owners were increasing rent was to drive residents out, since the owners are in the process of closing the park.

The owners, being the quintessential businessmen that they are, need to drive homeowners out of the park to circumvent their obligation under Nevada Law that requires them to pay to move a resident’s home when a park is closed. But when it came time to stand up for what they “promised” they would do for residents of Douglas County, all five commissioners — Steve Weissinger, Kelly Kite, Bernie Curtis, Jacques Etchegoyhen and Don Miner nearly broke their necks as they turned their backs on us. With the commissioner’s recent behavior toward residents supporting the Sustainable Growth Initiative and their complete and utter allegiance to developers over homeowners of Tahoe Shores, it should be clear to every resident of Douglas County whom these commissioners truly represent — rich developers.

So in return, I will make a promise to each of these commissioners, and that is I promise to do my best to inform as many residents of Douglas County of your failure to fulfill your promise to residents of Douglas County. And unlike our county commissioners, I intend to keep my promise for the 22 months until Election Day.

Michael Ingenluyff