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Letter — Drivers need to slow down


How many times have we read in the paper “What’s it going to take to get people to slow down?” If all the wannabe racers in town were on a Le mans racing course, a large majority would hit the wall on the first turn.

Town is no place to act like you are in the movie “Fast and Furious.”

Highway 50 through town is 35 mph for a reason — 40 mph in the fast lane is probably OK to keep thing flowing. But when you’re doing 40 mph in the fast lane, that’s not fast enough for all the people behind you. They want to go faster.

If you want to go fast, take a mountain bike and bomb down Mr. Toads or take rollerblades and speed down Old Meyers Grade. One could also see how fast they can go on a motorcycle in the sand pits course. When Gunbarrel at Heavenly or Elevator Shaft at Kirkwood are groomed, get up there first and see how fast you can go if it’s clear of people. That is what proves something. People who think they are cool because they drive fast in town are really weak. All you have to do is hit the accelerator and brake. Most people can do that. Cars are meant for transportation not for speeding through town. Plan to leave home five minutes earlier going to work or school. That’s all it takes to not speed.

Marissa Bassett dying the way she did is a tragedy. Things like that should never happen in this town. I want all the future and present drivers to hear about this and remember Marissa.

PLEASE SLOW DOWN IN TOWN. Hopefully no one else has to go through this. My deepest sympathy goes out to Marissa’s family.

Dave Von Derau

South Lake Tahoe

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