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Letter — Education for dog owners


It is unbelievable what some people will say. Yes it was funny that this person noticed an unleashed dog. What’s even funnier is your ignorant point of view.

Who are you to say this man doesn’t take his dog to meadows and let him run. I suppose you think that of all dog owners that are concerned, considerate and cautious.

As far as the “Raiders fan” comment, well, people have free will. That is why we have a judicial system but animals have no such advantages.

Animals get frightened and may attack. They can get excited, run into traffic and injure themselves or cause an accident. Not to mention unleashed animals going to the bathroom in other people’s yards where kids play. It is very unsanitary to let dogs run free in neighborhoods on your way to that meadow.

Animal owners like me will put a leash on my dog until we get to our destination. Why put people and children at an unnecessary risk , put a leash on in your neighborhood, then release them into the meadow. DUH. How hard is that to get?

I have witnessed all of these incidents in my neighborhood and I am tired of the ignorance. Please think about education and consideration of others before shooting off your mouth. Hey, “put a leash on it.”

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An animal lover too!

Tonya Boyd

South Lake Tahoe