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Letter — End terrorism for our children


On Sept. 11, we witnessed thousands of innocent Americans being murdered. The world mourned their untimely, gruesome passing. Palestinians celebrated in the street with song, dance and candy.

While the United States wages war to fight terrorism, Palestinians blow themselves up in the name of a higher being, killing as many innocent Israeli babies, children, and adults as they can. Palestinians are being taught that no life is sacred, not even their own. Israel is our partner in the campaign to eradicate terrorist activity that sends American and Israeli children to nightmarish sleep.

Does Israel want to wage war? The people of Israel, who number less than 5 million, have tried to make peace with their more than one billion Arab neighbors for longer than 50 years. Not one Israeli wants the constant state of terror to continue, just as not one American wants to see a repeat of Sept. 11th.

Any land that Israel has acquired has been gained in wars in which Arabs were the aggressors. Israelis have offered to give lands up. They have offered Palestinians self-determination, despite the fact that there has

never been an independent State of Palestine in all of history, not even prior to 1967, when Judea, Samaria and Gaza were under Jordanian and Egyptian control. They’ve offered all of this and peace to the Palestinian people, but to no avail. The safety of Israeli citizens and their children has never remained a reality.

Unlike our oil-based relationship with many Middle Eastern Arab countries, Americans are allies with Israel because it is the only democracy in the region. We share values with Israel, not the least of which are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Even though Jewish citizens have been repeatedly murdered by Arabs, Israel still has Arab representatives in government. Christians, Muslims, and followers of other religions are free to worship as they please. Anyone in Israel can criticize the government in speech or in print, including Arabs.

Middle Eastern Arab nations are not democratic. The government of Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive, enforces total censorship, and engages in executions as public spectacles. The government of Jordon does not give Jordan’s major Palestinian population a political voice or the rights we take for granted. We Americans believe in democracy, and we believe it is the only system where people are truly free. That is why we are friends of Israel.

To the few Americans who chose to propagate historical and political untruths: your actions raise the level of conflict in the world. Do not let more children die, Israeli, Palestinian, American or otherwise. Do not support governments that pay Palestinians to kill themselves and teach Palestinian children that their suicide paired with homicide will send them to a blissful afterlife. Do not support leaders that condone the murder of innocent Americans and Israelis. Do not support terrorism with words, actions or deeds. The time is now to help bring the end of terrorism around the world, for the sake of our children.

Ilana Rugg


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