Letter: Family separation on southern border is wrong — why won’t McClintock denounce it? (opinion) | TahoeDailyTribune.com

Letter: Family separation on southern border is wrong — why won’t McClintock denounce it? (opinion)

Why does the so-called crisis on our southern border bring the worst, most inhumane, cruel and mean characteristics of human kind to the forefront? Could our president’s incessant rhetoric of hate, xenophobia and racism have something to do with that? Could he have inspired the insidious behavior of our border patrols, police and other federal officials?

What do you think will happen with those traumatized children when they grow up? Will they be productive citizens, like our past (your ancestors) and present immigrants, or will they be angry terrorists and gang members attempting to harm Americans in any way possible?

Just think of the 5-year-old who is separated from his mother by the border patrol. He does not understand that this is done by an inhumane administration, he only sees that his mother just abandoned him to some callous strangers. What do you think this child will become?

There are many Congress people speaking out against the Nazi-style concentration camps. But there is nothing but silence from our local representative. I urge Tom McClintock to speak out loud and forcefully for the humane treatment of those who seek asylum in our country.

And if the argument that this would cost too much money comes up I would like to hear an explanation of why there are unlimited funds to wage war in mid-eastern countries (where “our” oil is), why there is plenty of money to fight ‘“terrorism” on any front, or build a useless Berlin Wall on our southern border, but there is no money to prevent the creation of thousands of future terrorists who hate the USA because of the current policies and implementations of Trump’s xenophobia.

Urs Schuler

Placerville, California

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