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Letter: Fields without fees editorial missing points

To the editor:

On the subject of the Tahoe Daily Tribune’s editorial, “Players dream of fields without fees,” the following may be important.

1. The city owns no play fields. So why is it necessary for city staff to be involved in handling large sums of money, especially when the money is put to questionable use or nonuse? The money doesn’t belong to the city so city staff should keep its mitts off of the money.

2. The school district owns the play fields. Thus, Little League, Pop Warner, etc. might be better off contracting with the district for use of the fields. The contract should be limited to the actual cost of field use and maintenance. It would be up to Little League, Pop Warner, etc. to assess (set a fee) the individuals in the programs. The above organizations are private and should handle their own business affairs.

3. The city’s parks superintendent has said that the community athletic coordinating council’s money is being saved for future projects. What projects? And who in city government has authorized the superintendent to plan such projects? It appears that the superintendent might be engaged in empire building at the expense of boys and girls whose families, in many cases, can ill afford to pay excessive fees for their children to play organized sports.

I suggest that it is time to rethink the role of the CACC because it seems to have strayed from its original purpose. Last year it cost, according to the editorial, $8,300 for field maintenance. Presently, the CACC has nine to 10 times that amount in the bank. So it appears that the boys and girls in the programs have a cash value beyond what is needed because some say it is for future projects. I ask again, what projects? And who authorized public employees to make such “plans?” We should not build empires at the expense of those who cannot speak for themselves, namely the kids.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe

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