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Letter: Film Festival thumbs down

To the editor:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m having a hard time with any positive feelings or excitement concerning the “Lake Tahoe Film Festival.”

Why would I get excited about seeing films I can rent from any video store, and that have been around so long they have been seen and re-seen maybe a ton of times? I would gladly spend the money and purchase the “big ticket package” for some interesting and not so “worn out” films. What about all of the animated or documentary shorts we never have the opportunity to see here on South Shore, or films from fresh young talent that are innovative and “pioneering,” instead of the usual “Hollywood” type fare we are fed at our local theaters? Wouldn’t that still go along with the “Film Festival” theme of “pioneering in film?”

A few years ago I attended a film festival on the North Shore, where we viewed a selection of four or five shorts and then the individual directors/writers of these films came onstage and talked about the development of their film, and then there was a question and answer period after that. I think that is much more in keeping with what a film festival is all about, than a showing of old movies straight out of the video shop and then, let’s see eight – count ’em, eight – catered receptions within a period of three days.

To provide a film festival that will draw attention and attendance from locals as well as draw tourists (and isn’t that the real name of the game?) wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to spend time, energy and money on films and filmmakers than on wine and cheese? Where does the ticket money go? To renting old films, catered receptions? Wouldn’t it be great if a scholarship fund was being developed and established for the local drama department students who are interested in furthering their knowledge in filmmaking?

Hmmmm, a lot of questions. It just seems the film festival could have much more significant depth as well as be entertaining and, OK, a “social event for South Shore-ites.”

Annette Schoonover


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