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Letter: Focus on our real problems

To the editor:

The Clinton melodrama continues, ad nauseum, as news media of all kinds continue to focus on the ex-president and his senator wife at the expense of covering the real problems Americans are facing today.

Those problems include the return to the false notion that a huge tax cut for the wealthiest, that will trickle down, and a mere pittance for the average workers is just what we need. How can we be so gullible and fall for that baloney again? Huge deficits, rising interest rates, higher unemployment and a sagging economy were the result of these schemes the last time we were soaked by the insatiably greedy ultra-upper class and big business.

I agree that a sensible tax cut that benefits small business owners, family farmers, entrepreneurs and middle- and low-income working Americans, who really need it, is in order, but the current Republican strategy is transparently reminiscent of St. Ronald’s Administration, which helped create the massive debt we are still paying off.

The return to the idiotic “Star Wars” missile defense system, that has never been accepted as doable or workable by the scientific community, will only serve to ratchet up the military industrial complex and force our adversaries around the world to do the same. Who does this benefit?

Meanwhile corporate puppets in the House, Senate and Cabinet push to break organized labor and repeal worker health and safety laws that were long overdue, because it might reduce the obscene profit-taking of the CEOs and upper management of these conglomerates. Now, there is a prime example of real quid pro quo. They view average American working people as expendable, replaceable fodder for the machine.

These are just a couple of examples of the real news stories we should be paying attention to. Let the Clintons go. Move on.

And finally, in response to June Hoffman’s letter (Tahoe Daily Tribune, March 2), I’m afraid I overestimated her ability to bring even an ounce of intellectual integrity to an honest political debate. I don’t mind discussing issues with people who have different views than I do, but to be characterized as mocking God, lying and killing children as a result of my opinions, is a bit much. I’ve got your number, June; perhaps you should confine your letter-writing to subjects like snow removal or bears in the garbage cans.

Kevin C. Moore

South Lake Tahoe

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