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Letter: Gang of Five needs to take a step back

So the City is taking over the July 4 parade.

OK, let’s begin with the sheer mean-heartedness that is oozing out of the council these days. How long will the Gang of Five going to continue to beat up on councilwoman JoAnn Conner? With no investigations, no proof of any wrongdoing, we have to wonder what she has done that has earned eternal damnation. Blackmail? Shoplifting? Murder? Oh, none of those things? This punishment seems petty and egregious. To take away a parade that she has organized and promoted and run successfully for the last five years certainly reeks of escalating retaliation.

City manager Nancy Kerry mentions “city council resources.” Which resources would those be? Does the council have a discretionary fund that the public is not aware of? Was this parade budgeted into the city’s fiscal year? Is it coming out of the general fund? Without even being agendized so the public could know or comment? How much is this going to cost taxpayers? Conner had an army of volunteers to help her put on the parade. City workers will be paid triple-time for working on the Fourth. Which city workers are going to be put in charge of organizing and implementing this parade? How much time will that take from their regular jobs?

Why on Earth would the city take a successful event that costs the city virtually nothing and take on this sizable expense? Either South Lake Tahoe is rolling in extra dough or this is another ill-advised attack by bullies on a duly elected council person who has spent years investing herself and her efforts into this community.

It is time for this council to take a step back from its unseemly and divisive power grab and realize that they are the ones who are hurting our city.

Mary E. Oney

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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