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Letter — Gays should pay higher insurance


In response to the column “Gays should not be treated differently,” I disagree.

People who commit homosexual acts are committing risky acts. Homosexuals have a higher chance of getting STDs and other bizarre diseases. If homosexuals were treated like heterosexuals, then my insurance premiums would have to climb up so that I pay for their bad habits.

I think this is wrong.

Homosexuals should be required to pay higher insurance premiums to cover their own risky behaviors. I don’t understand why normal people have to pay for homosexuals’ outlandish habits.

Moreover, a good friend of mine was molested by a homosexual man when he was a young teenager. He now has AIDS. The man died several years ago. My friend cannot have a girlfriend or even drive a car because of his condition.

Homosexual acts are, indeed, dangerous.

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I also don’t think it is right to teach young children about homosexuality. It should not be taught by the schools but by the parents. Young children need to wait until they are old enough to understand what sexuality is.

Nate Burkett

Incline Village