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Letter — Get climbing facts straight


I suggest the letter writer and the Tribune’s Pam Cosmo Gooch get their facts straight.

First read past the first page and get the names right, “Poontang”- sorry is not a name at Cave Rock. And besides what’s the big deal about the names anyway? Are we going to get upset about the name’s “Mount Diablo,” aka Devil Mountain, Devil’s Tower, Devils Post Pile, etc.! Gosh aren’t we sensitive. Bottom line, if we change the names can we climb there?

Pam where did you come up with your facts? Driving spikes into the rock? Sorry that’s not how its done.

Yes, the climbers, cars and hikers are going to make the rock decay in about 2 million years. Comparing Cave Rock to Mount Rushmore how absurd! Totally clueless. I think the both of you ought to think twice before driving through that tunnel if you think that the rock is so sacred.

Finally, who in their right mind is out there videotaping somebody peeing on a rock? I’m sure none of us have ever peed in Lake Tahoe, how funny!

Why is it that certain people just hate to see other people have fun? Also the few Native Americans that I took up there totally thought the place was (awesome).

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Paul Crawford

South Lake Tahoe