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Letter — Get the TOT from rentals

Do you have noisy vacation rentals in your neighborhood? If not, you are extremely lucky — for now. As these “businesses” in single-family residence neighborhoods become more profitable, they are appearing in neighborhoods not just in the city, but the county as well. As more Tahoe homes are sold to off-the-hill buyers (at present about 70 percent), this has the potential to become even more serious. Many off-the-hill owners don’t feel they have a responsibility to their neighbors, or don’t realize that their property managers aren’t limiting guests or responding to complaints from those who live next door. Even though there have been serious problems with some of these party houses, including strippers, needles left on neighbor’s lawns, threats, inability to sleep or enjoy their own properties, drunk guests, fireworks in dry meadows on July 4, the management companies appear unwilling to accept an ordinance “with teeth,” which would protect the entire neighborhood and give law enforcement the authority they need to protect all community residents. By allowing “mini-hotels” (20-50 guests) in a single-family neighborhoods, the potential for criminal activity becomes much greater. The companies and owners benefiting financially from these “businesses” seem unwilling to compromise. Perhaps the next step is to pursue the illegality of this use by actually enforcing TRPA zoning rules. I believe that for the City of So. Lake Tahoe to collect TOT tax on this illegal use may put them in jeopardy.

If you want to learn about this growing problem, and protecting your property and your neighborhood, please attend the City Council meeting Dec.10 in the Council Chambers.

G. Renfro

South Lake Tahoe

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