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Letter — God is not the answer in life

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Mr. Daly (The Possibility of God is Clear 4/7/03) makes the common mistake that most religious enthusiasts make, that is, there is a third alternative to his oversimplified conclusions about the origin of the universe.

There is no doubt the basic principals of religion are sound, it is clear to most of us that the fundamentals proposed have to do with advise for individual behavior.

Concepts such as tell the truth, don’t kill or steal, be a good, giving person. All of the things that Jesus is said to have stood for, after all no one knows what he really said. The first reports were not written until over 80 years after his death. In life expectancy terms, that would be at least two generations perhaps three, not the most reliable source of information.

Blind belief or the idea that if you are good you will go to heaven or some other form of paradise leads to an excuse or justification for current mischief. What about a good life, just for itself, for here?

No, the third, and most probable answer, to the origin of the universe is that we just don’t know.

It must be remembered that in the early days that was the role of religion, to answer all questions with the phrase “God did it.” When the primitive person asked why it did not rain or where earthquakes and other natural phenomenon came from, the answer always was “God did it.” “We must have been bad.” As we began to understand more of our universe this answer no longer worked, we know the whats and whys of these things.

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It’s apparent to me, that man’s job is to question. All systems, no matter their origin, science or religion eventually fail and are, perhaps not intended as “answers” but to raise new questions. Questions that keep our imaginations and our intelligence alive and growing.

Perhaps the notion of God as some sort of inner peace, a meditation and reflection on our lives is far more useful to a good life then a simple weekly pledge of devotion to a so called supreme being. Haven’t we used fear far too much in our efforts to make this earth a good place to live? I say, lets try responsibility, honor, integrity and truthfulness.

Ted Long

South Lake Tahoe