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Letter — Good for a laugh


I laughed when I heard about the opening of the new “Reno-Tahoe Tech Center” a couple of weeks ago. Who gave Reno the rights to the name Tahoe and why do we want ANY affiliation with them? What’s next, the Lodi-Tahoe Cultural Center? Other than the casinos and a few tourist-related businesses, I doubt any of the people who live here are in favor of this Reno-Tahoe thing. I’m wondering if one of our fair, reasonable and civic minded attorneys might want to take up this cause.

That brings me to another question — Why are we promoting Lake Tahoe? What happened to the good old days when people just found it on their own? Is the TRPA staff, who are not elected, don’t answer to anyone, and many who don’t live here, trying to “preserve the lake”? It seems they are just promoting tourism also. How does that benefit the Lake and where do the regular residents fit into their scheme? Or do they? I missed the meeting where they decided to move into new, larger offices. Does anyone else find it ironic, that in this difficult economic environment, they are growing at an incredible rate? Is it possible they are playing favorites and pushing the little guy around? Does anyone remember the Kahle Drive Apartments? In exchange we’re getting the time-crime-share in Round Hill.

Next is the issue of the Celebrity Golf Tournament. All the PGA events around the country donate huge amounts of money to local charities everywhere they go. Other than raising money for New York families this year and showing up for their annual dose of adulation, what are these player-celebrities be doing for our community? Oh that’s right, the TRPA is seeing to it we don’t have any needy people.

David L McCune

Zephyr Cove

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