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Letter — GOP won’t accept blame

Tahoe Daily Tribune

The Republican recall movement of Gov. Davis is blaming him for the 2001 energy crisis and the California budget deficit hoping these will be good selling points. Never mind this is just bogus hype, Republicans are hoping they can pull the wool over a gullible California public once again.

The governor was not the cause of the energy crisis. It was created, promoted and carried out by Republican corporate shysters from Texas (isn’t President Bush from Texas?) who manipulated oil and gas prices for gain and profit.

The California budget crisis along with that of most other states in a similar fix is the result of a dramatic downturn in the stock market over the last three years. The GOP knows this all too well. The Republicans and anti-tax forces who are now jeopardizing and thwarting a responsible solution to the California budget crisis, through legislative inaction, would rather see the state go down the tubes instead of raising taxes and alleviating the problem.

Will Californians of good conscience stand by and let these carpetbaggers have their way?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City