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Letter — Greed hurting our nation


The major goal of the Taliban attacks on 9/11 was to disrupt and attempt to destroy the economic system of our country. How ironic that while these lunatics failed, our economy is once again being threatened — from within!

Our corporate “leaders” have caused a drop in the economy on a larger scale than anything the Taliban could have hoped for. The stock market is lower than it was at the end of September of last year and millions of average people have lost thousands of dollars (some have lost their entire life savings) due to greed and book-cooking. These suit-and-tie criminals are nothing but economic terrorists — and should be treated that way. They are also traitors–both to their country and their own morals.

So what is the federal government doing about all this? The president is busy making speeches and appointing more corporate buddies to “watchdog” positions. The Senate held nearly a dozen hearings on the Enron situation but has done absolutely nothing. The government has no intention of cracking down on corporate greed because that is where their money comes from to run for office.

We must take our government back from the greedy, soulless corporations that call the shots today. The present state of the economy and the non-action by the federal government indicates who is in control. I urge every citizen who wants to end this reign of economic terror to white, e-mail or phone the White House and your Congressmen and express your outrage.

Rick Soule

South Lake Tahoe

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