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Letter — Hard-boiled theory about our nation


Dear, dear! If, indeed, we are not a nation under God, what or whom have we been under all these years? Humpty-Dumpty?

This is to size up the ridiculous rule of those ninny court clowns. Prone to disposing degenerate information, they have set themselves upon our children, using them as ploys. It is a crying shame that, thanks to the former Democrat administration byproducts, credence is no longer a standard in our judges and teachers. Overshadowed by politics, a reasonable portion of brain matter has been forfeited in some circles. But it is stupid to allow a cadre of this caliber to remain.

To vocalize that “under God” is not appropriate to remain in our Pledge of Allegiance is absurd! Promptly dismissed, as it can be, from Abe Lincoln’s words: “… this nation, under God, shall have a new birth in freedon … ,” a national unity is resolved. We must, with Lincoln, again demand a “new birth” of the wealth of mind of our generations to the tune of 1776’s Declaration of Independence, and life, liberty and pursuit of happiness under the “creator.” Our creator and the creator of all, has no parallel in ignorance by way of Marxist-Humpty-Dumpty theory. It falls hard.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe

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