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Letter: Hepatitis C headline misleading

To the editor:

I recently wrote and submitted to you an article about hepatitis C. The purpose of my writing this article was to make people aware of the need for organ donation. I entitled the article I contributed to you as “Organ donors needed.” The title was changed to “Hepatitis C virus has no real treatment.” That title is false and misleading. There are some treatments for hepatitis C. They are not curative in many cases, but there are treatments available, and they do help people.

I recently lost a patient to hepatitis C while he was awaiting a liver transplant. This was the inspiration for my writing that article. The original title I gave to the article was, “Organ donors needed.” I do not know why the title of that article was changed, but, as the article was ultimately entitled, it is false and misleading information.

The reason I wrote that article was to get people to think about becoming organ donors when they renewed their driver’s licenses; or if they have a loved one who has a fatal accident and is a candidate to become an organ donor, they may be encouraged to do this. By becoming an organ donor, people may give others another chance at life.

I would appreciate your correcting this false and misleading title of the article I had written. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Steven L. Brooks, M.D.

South Lake Tahoe

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