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Letter — Holidays what you make them

After reading Kathryn Reed’s “view” on (Holiday’s just aren’t what they used to be) it made me think, “Well what did they use to be”? It sounds like a lot of bah humbug in your Christmas past.

I for one think it is great that your employees are rushing around to get extra work done so they can spend an extra day with their family. We spend so much time at work and not enough time with the ones we love.

I for one am glad that Christmas is a time that we can all get together and spend some quality time together. Yes, there is too much commercialism, but just like everything else in life, Christmas is what you make it. I think the holidays used to be giving to those in need, spending time with the ones you love and celebrating life, and for those whose choose to keep Christmas that way it will always be a wonderful time of year.

I love to watch my kids decorate the Christmas tree, make their list to Santa and sing little Christmas songs. They have so much excitement and love to give that it’s contagious. If you don’t have kids, spend the holidays with someone who does and you will see the spirit of Christmas is still alive.

All this talk about how everyone spends so much money on the gifts and decorations when there are so many in need, well if all the people who thought about it actually did something about it, there would not be so many in need. Spend time with someone at a retirement center that has no family at all it does not cost a cent. Or if you do have a little money buy a gift for a child who may not get anything at all for Christmas, the Women’s Center is full of them.

Send a Christmas card to an old friend with a heartfelt letter, not just your signature. I hope there are more people out there that still love Christmas, because it’s not about money or commercialism, but more of a time for people to give and receive the Christmas spirit. Write in and show the Tahoe Daily Tribune what the holidays are all about.

Jessica Farrell

South Lake Tahoe

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