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Letter — Homeowners made furious

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Well, here it is. Possibly the beginning of the end for us. We’ve lived here for many years in peace and tranquility, considerate to the beauty and sensitivity of this land. We are friends and great neighbors. We work hard at keeping our property and grounds clean and well manicured. We mow our yards, plant trees, put up bird feeders and spend time in our flower beds and gardens.

Our community at the end of Kahle Drive has always welcomed people from all over town to walk through our neighborhood to reach the shores of Lake Tahoe and the sandy stretches of Nevada Beach. The children and adults of Lake Park Apartments and neighboring houses were invited for the fireworks on the lake. We opened our security gate when we were allowed our annual yard sale. T.S.M.H.P. is a community of elderly citizens, disabled citizens, as well as hard working class citizens.

These people feel safe. For we have little or no crime. This is a community where we can be homeowners in the form of affordable mobile homes. We are a community who purchased here with the plan of living our lives out in a safe and beautiful, yet affordable neighborhood and hold our heads high with pride. Our community is filled with working class citizens who are employed by the casinos, grocery stores, banks, retail services, and all other service oriented businesses.

Our community has 155 families. We have as many as 80 children who occupy all three lake schools in Douglas County. All homeowners in the park pay annual taxes to all these services just like other neighboring homeowners. The new owners of Tahoe Shores Mobil Home Park have filed notice of application for change of land use with Douglas County. What this comes down to is the owners of this property who came into the picture in January 2002 have absolutely no concern or feelings for residents. Their intent is to have us leave our homes and dreams of living at Lake Tahoe.

I plea to the citziens of Lake Tahoe to stop this atrocious act of greed, lust of power, and complete lack of concern for the community and of our family livelihoods.

Please voice your opinions to Douglas County Planning Department at (775) 782-6217 also Douglas County Commission at(775) 782-9821 and also to TRPA at (775) 588-4547.

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Michael Benight