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Letter — Homosexuals and history

Tahoe Daily Tribune

“All events have their antecedents. Nothing comes from nothing.” Letters here lately show lesbian voice and also a good discernment from readers aware of the degradation our nation has suffered coming from homosexual practices. The latest is same-sex “marriage” claims. One does wonder how come lesbians would steal from our institution of marriage when it so obviously is built from a base condition not present in homosexuality. But -“Nothing comes from nothing”…where in the world did lesbians come from anyway? the word “Lesbian” is taken from a Greek Island -“Lesbos.” It was on this 630 sq. mile island that a woman named Sappho and her followers practiced homosexuality and other eroticisms – a behavior called “Sapphism.” Do our lesbians know this? I doubt it. They’ve been sold a bill of goods. Remember though – God wrote a book – Satan didn’t! Lack of constraints is what homosexuals practice – far removed from what 55 writers of Christian practice signed into our constitution. “Fundamental” means “Foundation.” “Basic Rights” stem only from moral foundation. Sorry – but you can’t have it any other way.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe