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Letter — I am disgusted with your opinion

I am disgusted! Pam Cosmo Gooch, a woman who neither speaks for, nor belongs to either the Washoe Indians or the climbers, is in no position to be making judgments on who reveres and respects Cave Rock more.

This woman’s audacity is shockingly one-sided and completely invalid. How dare she presume that one group of people is more spiritual and respectful than the other. Is she God? Has this woman even gone to Cave Rock? When she poetically waxes and wanes about the spiritual superiority of the Washoe Indians, she nocuously negates many facts regarding the climbers.

While she speaks of the Washoe Indians “reverence” that they have had for seven generations, she doesn’t mention that not even a generation ago, the Indians had all but abandoned the cave and left it strewn with litter and refuse.

The climbers initially spent a good deal of their time not climbing at the cave, but cleaning up what apparently the Indian’s vigilant spirituality had not noticed for the last 10 years. Maybe the pictures the climbers took of all the trash and graffiti they, not the Indians, cleaned up, should be aired on television so we can all see that before we “make up our minds.”

My intentions are not to disregard the revived importance of Cave Rock to the Washoe Indians. And, I don’t wish to insinuate that the climbers have more right to the area than they do. What I do wish to do is clarify is the idiocy of Pam’s comments, and validate that the climbers have as much right to Cave Rock as the Washoe Indians.

The Indians and the climbers are both groups that highly value and respect Cave Rock. The climbers do not quantify their value of the rock with numbers such as 5.11 and 5.13. This is an uneducated remark that denotes Pam’s lack of understanding on the subject. In addition, the idea that climbers are “stalking the place” and “pound stakes” into the rock, further clarifies her manipulating use of words, and her prejudice for a group of people she neither understands or respects.

Meghan Stobbe


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