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Letter — I am in jail and need witness

Why is it that we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but yet the system can release information to the public making it hard to get a fair trial? That the poor never have a fair chance and the rich can always buy their way out of trouble.

I am looking at doing time in prison for defending myself against someone who threatened my life and was chasing me around like a lunatic, but yet I sit in jail and he is free to walk the streets. Because I have a past? I guess in Tahoe if you have changed your life for the positive, it does not matter. You sit in jail, get dump truck public defenders, and most likely convicted on your past. And the actual perpetrator is set free, even though two officers said he assaulted me when running in front of my vehicle and threw snowballs at me. Re: The Tribune police blotter on Dec. 19.

I want whoever witnessed this person doing this to have a conscious and come forward so the truth is really known. I need help from anyone who witnessed this incident to come forward, as all I did was defend myself against someone who followed me onto Apache Boulevard. I said he was going to kill me. So I ran to my vehicle and turned around and had to veer out of the way as he ran in front of my vehicle and he attacked me, he even went as far as to follow me into Lira’s parking lot. I was scared and that is why I pulled the tire iron out. And when the plow got between us I escaped and left. Will I be convicted cause I am poor? If anyone saw this, please contact me at the jail.

Sam Venhuizen

South Lake Tahoe

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