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Letter — I pray my motive is love


I’m stoked that Jay H. Cooper took time to respond to something I wrote. There are many books, reports, and even TV specials that present evidence proving the accuracy of the Bible. Places, cities, governments, names, dates, events, and even natural disasters are all reported correctly in the Bible. So for me to say that the Bible is a reliable historical document is a fact.

The issue that you are challenging in your letter is not the historical accuracy, but the miracles that are also reported in the Bible. I admit, I can’t prove the miracles found in scripture, but if I could, then they wouldn’t be miracles. The Bible uses facts, insights, promises and miracles to convince a fallen creation of its need to be saved.

Where is the evidence for your world view? Evolutionists glibly state their view as if it has all been proven. The missing link is still missing. Ramapithecus, Gigantopithecus and Zinjanthropus over time have all been

proven to be completely ape. While Hidelberg man, Cromagnum man and Neanderthal man are all human. What evolutionists have done to compensate for the lack of evidence is to add theories to their theories.

Punctuated equilibrium: instead of a slow, continuous movement, evolution tends to be characterized by long periods of virtual standstill (“equilibrium”), “punctuated” by episodes of very fast development of new

forms. In other words evolution jumps from one species to another, no evidence needed.

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In my opinion it takes more faith to believe in evolution then the Bible’s claim to be the word of God.

The Bible also reveals many scientific facts, we learn of the existence of mountains on the bottom of the oceans from one of those hard to believe stories that you mentioned in your last letter, “Jonah and the big fish.”

Hundreds of years before we could dive deep enough to see the underwater mountain ranges the Bible tells us of their existence.

Just another thing to think about when deciding where to place your faith.

On a personal note, no I’m not a minister, and I’m not trying to make money writing these letters. I hope and pray that my motive is love.

Bob Daly