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Letter — Income low? You must go

A few Tahoe developers are systematically closing mobile home parks in Nevada, running locals out of town. Only a moratorium can rid us of this fountain of evil.

Commissioners, senators and state representatives must take legal action against these few outside developers by placing a moratorium on mobile home closures in Douglas County, and seek to repeal NRS 118B.177. This insidious statue causes many harms to mobile home communities and the environment.

It discriminates against ancestral communities of long-term inhabitancy, i.e. grandparents, parents, teens, children and babies. It violates the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights depriving homeowners of liberties and illegally dispossesses their property.

Why does a statue create so much havoc?

NRS 118B.177’s goal is to rid communities of moderated and low income housing while exiling long term locals. This has the effect of raising rents throughout the area. It adversely effects the environment and Lake Tahoe’s clarity through more traffic congestion and road construction as workers now need to commute from towns further from their work.

Eventually it drains small and large businesses of income by driving wages higher just to attract employees living farther away.

Whey should these homeowners be discriminated against and stripped of their liberty to fairly market their homes indefinitely while developers manipulated the housing market?

The more the homeowner desires to live in the park despite the abuses, the more harm is inflicted. These few developers, endlessly scavenge on people’s homes and punish them by outrageous repetitive rent increases, evil harassment, delayed services, faulty maintenance, bogus demands and ditching relocation efforts. They also fraudulently evict the homeowner’s tenants and drive them out by harassment like telephone badgering, holding up trash collection, basic maintenance and snowplowing.

They purposely kill real estate deals to continue the devaluing of the homeowner’s property. Suddenly unable to rent or sell, the homeowner is notified the home must not be found abandon or it will be dispossessed. The greedy developers feeds on the misery and suck dollars from the homeowner and the community. In the end, the homeowner winds up settling for crumbs from their sweat equity.

These are reasons why there must be a moratorium on NRS 118B.177.

Barry W. Winton


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