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Letter — Investigation is needed


I have read the article by Gregory Crofton several times and each time I come away with the feeling that a terrible case of conflict of interest has been perpetrated on and by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

The first conflict of interest was the appointment of Mr. Randy Lane, president of Falcon Capital to the TRPA Advisory Planning Commission by the Douglas County representative on the TRPA Governing Board. Falcon Capital is a real estate development company that has numerous projects requiring approval by TRPA’s Advisory Planning Commission and Governing Board. How Mr. Lane is allowed unfettered opportunities to influence fellow Planning Commission and Governing Board members is incomprehensible to me.

The level of influence Mr. Lane enjoys in his position as a member of the Planning Commission is overwhelmingly evident with TRPA’s recent signing of a $400,000-a-year lease for a building Mr. Lane purchased approximately one week before the TRPA Governing Board voted to choose a new office location. The sweetheart deal includes an option by TRPA to buy the building for an undisclosed amount or to extend its lease for up to 12 years. The cherry on the cake was the choosing of Randy Lane’s son, Kevin Lane, president of K&S, Inc. — a construction company — to renovate the building for TRPA.

As a private citizen of Douglas County, in the state of Nevada, this entire situation smells of cronyism, nepotism, and is a true conflict of interest. I am outraged!

My only question is what federal, state or county prosecuter is responsible for investigating conflict-of-interest issues and why are they not doing so? I think the answer is their to busy defending wealthly developers and persecuting citizens who exercise their right to pass initiatives.

Monroe Friedling

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