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Letter — Is Chandler satirical or stupid?


This letter is in response to the “time to Pedal On Out of France” article published in Thursday’s edition.

First, as an athlete and sports fan, I am appalled by the ignorant and insulting content of this article. Second, as a resident of South Lake Tahoe, I am ashamed that this came from one of our writers.

Chandler, while displaying that he has no real knowledge of the Tour de France, does no more than mock the nature of the race. Does he even know that the event is comprised of five different competitions, or just how much strategy is needed for the riders during a several hour stage? Probably not. He gave no indication that he did.

But worse, instead of maybe defending Lance Armstrong, en route to his fourth consecutive overall victory, Chandler suggests that Armstrong goes and hides away his hard-earned yellow jersey until more accurate drug screening processes can be used. How Chandler can say this of a man who has clearly shown he has the physical ability and strength of will to survive cancer, let alone win the toughest single event in all of sports escapes me.

Finally, to drive home his lack of class, Chandler asks why we Americans sully everything we touch, and suggests that both we and the Tour de France would be better if we were not to participate. Let’s put aside the fact that he’s telling a class of athletes to simply forego the chance to participate in cycling’s greatest event. But let’s remember that when the tour was hit hard by drug scandals, it was exclusively European riders that were at fault. Lance Armstrong has restored integrity to that race, and all Chandler sees fit to write about is to insult Armstrong, the Tour de France, and justify his lack of interest on his perception that his mail service could be better.

David Schafer

South Lake Tahoe

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