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Letter – Jaywalkers cheat death

To the editor:

Why does it appear that people enjoy trying to cheat death? I’m not talking about those who choose to bungy jump from a tower or sky dive from a plane thousands of feet in the air; I’m talking about jaywalkers.

Now I don’t profess to know the vehicle code from start to finish, but the last time I checked, jaywalking was against the law and yet it appears to be on the rise on the South Shore, especially during the summer months.

This past weekend, while driving back and forth from soccer fields, I witnessed no less than 12 situations where people chose to cross the street without using the crosswalks.

While most of these occurred in the casino corridor, several took place in other portions of town, and two really stood out.

The first occurred just west of Stateline, where a father and two young daughters were trying to cross the street. The thing that stood out in my mind about this is that “Dad” had his arms around each girl’s shoulders in an apparent attempt to keep them safe while standing in the center of the road waiting for traffic to ease up, while just yards away was a crosswalk and a traffic light where they could have crossed without the fear of becoming a statistic.

The second incident was at U.S. Highway 50 and Lyons Avenue, where St. Theresa’s church is located. This gentleman, approximately mid to upper 60s in age and very overweight, chose to cross the street without using the crosswalk that was only 15 yards away. He found himself caught in the center turn lane with an ambulance, lights and sirens blasting, approaching him on the way to the hospital.

Do these people realize the potential danger that they can cause, both to themselves and others? Do they care? Do they feel that they are above the law or that no harm can come to them?

As if this weekend wasn’t enough, I was driving home with my 11-year-old son on Tuesday evening, and had another encounter with a jaywalker that irritated me even more. I was crossing through the intersection at the “Y” heading out to Meyers, after stopping at the traffic light, and a young man was crossing the street going from McDonald’s to the South Y Center. I was in the left lane and my old 1985 Subaru hadn’t even come close to reaching the posted speed limit for that area. The pedestrian had already entered the right lane as he crossed the street and apparently felt as if I had attempted to run him down and proceeded to mouth a very distinctive word, “A–hole” in my direction … as if I were in the wrong!

Please, residents and visitors alike, use the crosswalks that have been provided. Use the underground crossing between Harrah’s and Harveys. Isn’t walking a few extra yards to get to the crosswalk better than losing your life to a motorist who may be distracted for a mini-second and doesn’t see you?

Rick Brown

South Lake Tahoe

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