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Letter: Jessica Morse running deceitful campaign for Congress (opinion)

Jessica Morse is engaging in a very deceitful campaign to defeat Congressman McClintock.

First, she falsely claims that her campaign is funded by grassroots donations. She has major funding from PACs and large individual donors.

What is Morse doing with that money?

She’s launching a negative campaign falsely accusing McClintock of not supporting legislation for emergency relief for fire victims. The facts are:

HR 1892 was not an emergency bill for fires. It was the general spending bill that shot discretionary spending up and was opposed by taxpayer and anti-waste groups.

HR 4667 began as a $44 billion emergency disaster bill for hurricane and fire costs requested by the president, but was then loaded up with $37 billion in pork-barrel spending unrelated to emergency disaster funding.

HR 2862 separated funding for fire suppression and fire prevention, but was never taken up by the House because it duplicated what the House had passed as HR 2936, the “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017,” which McClintock co-sponsored and as Chairman of the Federal Lands Sub-Committee had helped to draft.

Our country is $20 trillion in debt yet Morse wants to pass wasteful legislation that doesn’t target the specific problem.

The fires in California are tragic but all our state politicians do is wring their hands and blame climate change. We need to deal with the problem that forests are too dense. They need to be managed to mitigate the fire danger, which is what McClintock has been advocating for years.

Darwin Throne

El Dorado Hills, California