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Letter: Jessica Morse the right choice for Congress (opinion)

There’s an election around the corner, and we have a choice for our congressional representation in Washington, D.C. Jessica Morse is running a competitive campaign against incumbent Tom McClintock (CA-4), and I’m thrilled. I had a chance to meet Morse at a house party early in her campaign, and was impressed with her passion for serving her community and her thoughtful, reasonable approach to the political issues that directly affect our district.

She is running as a Democrat, but she comes from a Republican family and background, which puts her in the unique position of actually understanding a broad spectrum of political viewpoints. She is the candidate who would represent all of us in this district — a rare breed of politician.

Most of us, Democrat and Republican alike, live in an isolated world of like-minded people. In this day and age of partisan politics, we don’t often try listening to the “other side,” instead avoiding discussions with those who don’t agree with us. It’s a sad state of affairs for our democracy.

McClintock is a prime example of this kind of ideological isolation. He represents the far right of the Republican Party, has been named the most conservative congressman in California, and yet represents a moderate district with a politically diverse constituency. He consistently demeans his independent and left-leaning constituents, dismissing them out of hand.

McClintock hasn’t held a town hall meeting in Tahoe in over two years — instead focusing on the more conservative areas of the district that he considers his base.

He doesn’t live in our district, never has, and has zero personal investment in the people and wild places he represents.

In contrast, Morse started her campaign with a listening tour that covered all 10 counties in the district, talking with constituents and civil servants alike. She grew up in the Sierra foothills and actually lives here still.

She values the incredible natural resources in this district (Yosemite and Tahoe included), thrives on outdoor activities from backpacking to hunting, and recognizes the impacts of climate change and wildfires on our communities.

She is focused on finding creative solutions to difficult problems rather than towing the party line in a never-ending cycle of stagnation that is the current Congress.

Most importantly, she is not afraid to talk to all of the constituents of the district — Democrat, Republican, nonpartisans and those with more extreme views.

She knows how to have a discussion and problem-solve instead of stumping around repeating the sound bites of the day without ever making any progress.

I’m ready for a representative who will listen to all of us, not just his/her base. I’m ready for a representative who will vote in the best interests of her constituents, rather than special-interest donors. I’m ready for a go-getting problem solver who will challenge the status quo in Congress, think for herself, and advocate for her constituents day in and day out.

I hope you will join me in voting for Jessica Morse in November. http://www.morse4congress.com.

Rachel Szumel

South Lake Tahoe/Meyers, California

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