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Letter — Justice for some in Tahoe

I can’t believe our justice system up here at Tahoe. This pot guy gets not even a year in El Dorado jail. He has been in and out of jail. … For medical use my butt. But he somehow got a lawyer and the money to beat it.

My son is doing 18 months in Folsom Prison with murderers and rapists for DUIs. He actually had one but the other three were harrassment by a highway patrolman who had it out for him. Our lawyer said we could take it to trial, he could put the officer on the stand and show he had it in for my son, and we could win. But it would cost me $10,000.00, so because I did not have the money, my son is behind bars with murderers and rapists.

We all of my age group were taught by our parents that the system will work with you. What a lie. I am not a mother that says this stuff, that my kids are angels, far from it, no kid is, but what is right is right and this was all wrong. The lawyer I had really did not do anything for us, but kept wanting more money and I never saw what it went for. Then my son was given a public defender; what a joke that is. They are so over-cased it is not even funny. He probably would not even remember the case if I called him, that is, if he even returned my call. Yes, my son deserved some kind of punishment like maybe some time in the county jail and or probation. But 18 months in Folsom and three years probation for basically one righteous DUI and three trumped-up ones. Come on.

Someone really needs to look into the Justice system here at Tahoe and see who it does and does not benefit.

Sandra Lane


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