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Letter — Lake Tahoe = Aspen West

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Now we have Tahoe Tomorrow who are going to save the middle class at South Lake Tahoe. The middle/workers class can now be happy to know someone is looking out for them.

Let’s see who they are, how about Cristi Creegan, an attorney who stated in the Tribune on Jan. 20, “Tahoe is lucky it has Carson, Minden and Gardnerville, so the working class can go down there.” Thanks Cristi, workers don’t need trees and the lake, we can live in the desert.

It’s a wonder she didn’t say, “Let them eat cake.”

Who else is looking after the working class: How about Lew Feldman, another attorney, who represents some large corporations who have already removed two large apartment units on Kahle in Stateline, displacing hundreds of the very workers/middle class folks they want to keep here. They used those permits and coverage to build time-shares at Round Hill. Now they want to knock down two more large apartments on Kahle, displacing hundreds more workers/middle class. But wait, some good news, the TRPA is going to let Falcon Enterprises build 32, yes I said 32, units to replace all those leveled units.

And one more piece of info. Lew is also the attorney for the group that wants to close Tahoe Shores Mobile Home park so they can build more luxury time-share/condos, thereby displacing 155 more middle class/seniors. So middle/workers class rejoice in the fact that we have Tahoe Tomorrow looking out for us. Why don’t they just rename South Lake Tahoe, Aspen West and be done with it.

Leo Bloom

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