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Letter — Laying ‘Lowe’ your opinion

I have never written to you before, but a letter to the editor from a Mr. Ron Lowe in the Weekend edition (Sept. 20-22) has prompted me to do so. The gist of Mr. Lowe’s letter was that “the war planning against Iraq is not about 9/11, it is about Saddam’s oil and political advantage for the Republican Party.” Oh my gosh! Are you KIDDING me? I can hardly believe you would even choose to print something this asinine. So, in other words, Mr. Lowe, had the Twin Towers not been BOMBED BY TERRORISTS, we would still be planning war against Iraq? I don’t think so. For Mr. Lowe to say that the war against Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11 is ludicrous, if not downright insulting to all those who lost loved ones in that tragedy. Mr. Lowe maintains that Bush is trying “to deflect attention from a floundering economy….” Um, excuse me, but I don’t think BUSH deflected the attention away from the economy. I THINK, just MAYBE, what happened was that the United States of America was ATTACKED BY TERRORISTS, and thus, our priorities as a nation have changed. Domestic issues are still important, sure, but our national security and defending our freedom is just a tad higher on the list at this point – ant it ought to be! Also, I might add that had Clinton been less busy worrying about having sex with his interns and more concerned with dealing with Osama Bin Laden in the first place, we may have avoided 9/11 altogether. I am an Independent, not a Republican, but George W. Bush has been doing a damn good job, and he ought to be applauded. Mr. Lowe needs to quit thinking so much about political parties trying to “fool” one another, which is not even the case, and understand that what we are going through right now is so much more than that. Go order yourself a triple cappuccino, Mr. Lowe, because you need to WAKE UP!

Katie Heeran

Zephyr Cove

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