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Letter — Leash of Raider fans?


It’s a shame to see that some people have nothing better to do than scrutinize a picture in the paper to find the lack of a leash.

It is also a shame that this type of person has a pet that has never had the chance to play and run free in the woods off of a leash.

The letter writer should put a leash on himself and see how much he enjoys life.

Heseems to have such a problem with animals off leash, yet walks through malls, grocery stores, and schools with people all around off leash.

There are far fewer injuries and deaths caused by animals off-leash than there are by undisciplined people off-leash.

Maybe you should scour the rest of the paper for people in photographs that need a leash, and spend less time looking for animals that are a product of their bad human environment.

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Many of these “off-leash” people carry weapons like knives, guns, and even bad tempers, just waiting to use them on some unsuspecting soul.

Look at Oakland after the Super Bowl. Maybe some of those people should have been on leash.

I don’t feel the problem with animals these days is the lack of a leash, but the owners that keep them.

Michael Craven

South Lake Tahoe