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Letter: ‘Let Tahoe Decide’

The Loop Road lawsuit filed to stop the voters’ petition to vote on the road was denied by the Superior Court last Monday, upholding the SLT voters’ right to petition the City to hold a vote. The group that circulated the petition, Let Tahoe Decide, hailed the decision as an important step in preserving democracy at South Lake Tahoe. Jason Collin, a Barton Hospital employee and candidate for city council, filed the legal action to deny voters their right to vote for or against the loop road construction. The judges’ decision preserves our right to decide whether or not we want to vote for or against the new road.

Mr. Collin hired a team of attorneys from Sacramento to challenge the voter rights and sued the city and El Dorado County in an attempt to stop the measure from appearing on the November ballot. The City Council voted unanimously to put the issue up for a vote. But the city attorney joined Jason Collin’s attorney in court to oppose the opportunity for the voters to vote. There is no record of the City changing its mind, but two City Council members, Austin Sass and Wendy David, accompanied the City Attorney at the court hearing. Our Let Tahoe Decide Committee is celebrating our success and thanks attorney Bruce Grego for helping to protect democracy in South Lake Tahoe. After all, the right to petition is a First Amendment right under the US Constitution.

Vote yes on Measure T and let Tahoe decide.

Laurel Ames

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Editor’s Note: In a previous interview with the Tahoe Daily Tribune, city attorney Tom Watson explained that he did not go to court to oppose or support Jason Collin’s lawsuit.

“The City’s position in court was not to support or oppose an injunction, but rather to request that, if an injunction was not issued, the court should define the boundaries and limitations on the City if the initiative were to pass,” stated Watson on Aug. 24. “As the City Attorney, I am obligated to request the court define those terms, so that the City Council can avoid any further litigation.”

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