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Letter — Let’s try to save the Faire

Tahoe Daily Tribune

I was sad when I heard the Tahoe Valhalla Renaissance Faire might be cancelled. They might as well cancel Christmas.

Actually I was mad that pettiness and shallowness could win out over magic and light and education.

Renaissance means Rebirth and that is what the Ren Faire does each year-lets Tahoe be reborn again with something unique and exciting. the Faire is Tahoe’s Own Disneyland and it would be a shame to close it.

There are no real reasons to cancel it, it’s been going for years. Each booth has a fire extinguisher to prevent fires. There is only one small booth selling alcohol, no drinking problem there. And the sight is always cleaned up afterwards.

The faire brings happiness and money to Tahoe each year, and that’s what it’s usually about anyway.

Save the Faire! It is magic and fun and a place to escape this rough old world for awhile, and that, my friends, is exactly what we need right now.

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Dennis Gregory

Cardiff, Calif.