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Letter — Liberal atheists play shell game

Tahoe Daily Tribune

In a April 18 letter titled “Likelihood of God considered,” a Mr. Cooper would trick readers into believing Louis Pasteur was an evolutionist. The opposite is true. Pasteur was one of the first European scientists to reject the theory of spontaneous generation and evolution. Pasteur insisted life only arises from life, explaining: “Microscopic beings must come into this world from parents similar to themselves.

“Science brings man closer to God,” he said, and, “the more I study nature the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.”

Just thought you’d like to know! When “atheism only” is allowed in our schools, many minds, past and present, are maimed.

This guy seems to sport a million of these trick plays; facts misshapen by compromising truth; God, Bible, and his story in general, subjected to his “most likely” slants. The assumption always dwells in the minds of high priests of liberal atheism that you, dear dumb reader, can’t match the agility of a shell game of facts and falsehood expertly switched.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe