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Letter — Look at what the TRPA is doing


The TRPA staff has recommended to the TRPA Planning Commission that the current buildable IPES line be lowered-making it possible to build on parcels that have been deemed too environmentally sensitive for building for the past 15 years. This means that the lot next to your house that you believe to be unbuildable, could be built on. The Tahoe Board of Realtors and developers support this recommendation. Evidently, these more sensitive lots are considered more desirable.

At the same time, TRPA will impose BMP retrofit onto all existing residences. This will cost home owners between several hundred to thousands of dollars. TRPA claims this is needed to reduce environmental run off, and to improve the clarity of Lake Tahoe.

On one hand, the TRPA says it is necessary to protect the environment, and on the other hand, the TRPA says it is OK to develop steep slope parcels have been deemed too environmentally sensitive to build on. How does this protect the environment? What’s up with that?

TRPA has done nothing to notify the public of its intent to lower the IPES line. Failure to make proper and adequate notice to affected property owners seems negligent to me.

Disregarding my comments about environmental concerns and hypocrisy, the Advisory Planning Commission voted unanimously on Feb. 12 to recommend this change to the board on Feb. 26. It is likely that the governing board will adopt this recommendation — especially if there is no opposition. Once it gets approval, it’s a done deal. Members of the community may find themselves asking again, “How did they do that?”

If you are reading this, tell your friends and neighbors who could be affected. Spread the word. Special interest groups have initiated this recommendation and TRPA does not want public opposition. Your only opportunity to oppose is on Feb. 26. If you have feelings regarding this matter, go to the meeting and express your concerns. If you cannot attend, e-mail your statements or comments to PatSnyderRoofing@aol.com or fax to (530) 577-1688. I will carry your statements forward.

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Pat Snyder

South Lake Tahoe