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Letter — Looking at history to find answers

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The food industry relies on the fact that Spontaneous Generation doesn’t happen. Every time you open up a new jar of peanut butter and you don’t find a new life form you are confirming Louis Pasteur’s discovery.

In Ray H. Cooper’s letter dated May 16, he asked for the proof that Spontaneous Generation arising to evolution is not possible. Here is a short summary of Pasteur’s findings: Pasteur figured out that if you isolate matter from all outside energy sources, by sealing it in an air tight container, new life forms stopped forming. What actually was thought to be Spontaneous Generation was just bugs, bacteria, airborne microorganisms, mold etc. This supports what the Bible has said from the beginning, “God created all living things according to their kinda” (species). More resent discoveries from the study of DNA show that it is mathematically impossible for DNA to change itself into a new equation. A new equation is needed to redirect the genes to tell the cells to build something different. Yes, mutation happens, but not new life.

It amazes me, how after 150 years of knowing the falsehood of Spontaneous Generation it is still talked about as fact in some evolutionary circles. Some evolutionary scientists have lost their ability to view the evidence objectively, because of their biases.

Truth and careful scientific weighing of evidence is the first casualty, when we look at evidence through an emotional bias that longs to be right for pride’s sake.

In researching this response, I came across this quote by Louis Pasteur, “… little science estranges men from God but much science leads them back to him.” I think that’s what’s happening in science today, with stronger telescopes and microscopes we can see the complexity of our world. We can no longer believe it all happen by chance.

Bob Daly

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