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Letter — Lumped in with ‘ugly Americans’

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Does it burn you to be labeled an “ugly American” as a direct result of Bush’s divisive and arrogant antics? Tens of millions of Americans who don’t agree with the offensive and agressive policies of the Bush-Cheney organization are getting dissed right along with the instigators. All citizens are being tagged “ugly Americans,” just because they live under the hard line, right-wing, sanctimonious dictions issuing forth from the Bush administration. How can one man’s agenda be so out of touch, out of synch, from the rest of the world and the majority of Americans? All Americans, no matter of what persuasion, are being hogtied and effaced by Bush’s self-serving, subserviance and pandering to an extreme right ideology.

But through it all, George W. just keeps on smirking.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City