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Letter: McClintock fails when it comes to health care (opinion

To many of us, healthcare is a No. 1 issue. Since January 2017 we’ve witnessed 18 attempts by the Congressman McClintock to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Congressman McClintock called pre-existing conditions “nuisances” that people should take care of on their own.

Let’s look back at what healthcare was like prior to the ACA:

People wanted change — one 2008 poll cited a large majority of Americans wanted the healthcare system overhauled.

Americans were afraid to change jobs because that meant losing healthcare because of unaffordable premiums or pre-existing conditions.

Those with pre-existing conditions faced prohibitively high premiums, if they could even find coverage. Now, because of the ACA, the 300,000 people in California’s 4th Congressional District who have a pre-existing condition are covered and given equitable premiums.

Women had fewer mammograms because of the high out-of-pocket cost. The ACA removed the financial barrier for preventive measures.

Women paid more for healthcare insurance than men. The ACA outlawed “gender rating.”

Insurance plans did not always provide comprehensive coverage. The ACA requires coverage of 10 essential benefits such as lab, x-ray, maternity care, emergency rooms.

Adult children aged out of policies at an earlier age. The ACA allows coverage up to age 26.

These provisions are what we stand to lose if we re-elect Congressman McClintock. He’s had a decade to fix our healthcare system in Congress, but he’s only voted to make the situation worse.

We can keep our healthcare and lower our prescription drug costs by electing Jessica Morse! She’s pledged to uphold the basic tenets of the ACA and work on those provisions needing reform. Tom McClintock has pledged to eliminate the ACA.

Seventy-thousand of us in the #CA04 depend on the ACA. I’m voting for Morse to protect my healthcare coverage!

Barbara Smith

Auburn, California

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