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Letter: Measure C is a con, vote ‘no’ (opinion)

For 50 years this city has paid for street repairs and maintenance through the city general fund. But, due to wasteful spending and neglect of our streets, have worsened. Now there comes this Measure “C” proposing a budget change and a new tax to pay for street repairs. This is a huge con and I will explain.

It’s really very simple to explain using this simple example. What our streets require is said to be approximately $40 million in repairs until we are caught up. If Measure C is not approved, those millions of dollars for street repairs will come from the general budget.

However, if Measure C passes, the new tax will be used to fund the maintenance of our streets. Here lies the con. Measure C is intended to free up millions of dollars in the general budget, and then the millions of dollars can be used to fund anything. This will be a whopping windfall for the city employees. With millions of dollars freed up in the city budget, the city employees will soon be seeking larger salaries, greater pensions and more benefits. This will happen while we taxpayers are pay for street maintenance out of our pockets.

Here comes an example of excessive wasteful spending. It’s been proposed that Sierra Boulevard be upgraded through spending several million dollars. We can save millions of dollars on the Sierra Boulevard project by simply cutting out what is not needed. We should simply repave Sierra Boulevard then install streetlights.

Controlling excessive spending is simple when you are willing to say “no” to the excess and cut out the fat.

Vote “No” on C.

Daniel Harvey

South Lake Tahoe, California