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Letter: Measure T is not the answer (opinion)

We are relative new comers to South Lake Tahoe (SLT) having lived here for three years as a full-time residents and owning a second home for over 11 years without renting it out a single day.

From my perspective there is little choice other than to vote No on Measure T. To do otherwise would devastate the local economy. Tourists who wish to not be relegated to casinos will look for a better place to vacation and spend their money. Lost revenues for the already strapped city budget, lost revenues for local restaurants and other businesses.

I for one enjoy supporting the local businesses that will no doubt suffer or even close if Measure T passes.

I do understand why people want to do away with vacation rentals; I have one on each side of my house. Yes they do get loud sometimes and can be an irritant, however, those instances are extremely rare. Communication to the individuals, rental company or if needed to the city rental enforcement has addressed each issue promptly and effectively.

The benefits to the community that vacation rentals bring far out way the extremely rare negative impacts.

Let’s not be fooled by Measure T proponents: most vacation rentals in SLT are valued at a level that many individuals would be stretching to afford, this is not a fix for the housing shortage in SLT.

Our city and county government in concert with TRPA should address affordable housing. Homes used as vacation rentals will eventually come on the market driving home prices down.

We can effectively address the issues of vacation rentals in SLT with the current city ordinance. Measure T is not the answer.

Jim Lewis

South Lake Tahoe, California

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