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Letter: Measure T not the answer to VHR issues (opinion)

Often when one speaks of fairness more often than not what one is really talking about is interests.

Thus to some it may seem not be in their best interest to have a vacation rental next door. To the owner of the vacation rental his interest may be to have the income to afford the house.

A balancing of competing interests and the compromises to achieve that balance amounts to what is practical and approaches more truly what is just. The many battles at city hall bear this out where contentious but well meaning people with opposing interests agreed to compromise and find workable solutions.

Measure T is not a fair or just solution, on the contrary it is an absolutist totalitarian imposition that pits neighbor against neighbor, negates the interests of stakeholders, some of whom have no say or vote, while alienating property rights and risking irrational economic ruin for individuals and the city, not to mention the costs of litigation that will ensue. The argument that ending regulated VHRs will contribute in any significant way to solving affordable housing is unsupported by the data.

With this measure its most ardent supporters are conveying quite emphatically that only their interests count no matter how inchoate or destructive to their neighbors and the city as a whole. How can you reason with the irrational? It would be akin to giving medicine to the dead.

But to my fellow city residents and neighbors who are fair minded, I urge you to read about the truly negative impact of Measure T and join me in voting No.

Seamus Fitzsimmons

South Lake Tahoe, California

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