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Letter — Molly Ivins and her propaganda

Tahoe Daily Tribune

In the Feb. 14 edition, Molly Ivin’s column, third paragraph, refers to the upcoming war with Iraq: “We are about to go to war with a country that hasn’t fired a shot at us or anyone.” Molly, where have you been the last few decades?

Under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, Iraq attacked Iran, used mustard gas, incurred between 500,000 and 750,000 casualties, paused to breed more troops, then attacked Kuwait. Conduct of his occupation of Kuwait was similar to Attila the Hun (rape, pillage and burn). During this campaign, he fired a scud missile at Saudi Arabia killing 28 American reservists and fired missiles at Israel which was not involved in Desert Storm. Following these escapades, he unleashed nerve gas on his own people, the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Nerve gas kills men, women, children and animals.

Shame on you, Molly — using name calling, card stacking and glittering generalities in propaganda writing is fun to catch but outright telling lies is going too far — or have you been living in a vacuum down there in Austin?

James B. Townsend

South Lake Tahoe