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Letter — New park shouldn’t be a campground


PLEASE do not make a campground out of Van Sickle Bi-State Park. Here is a “pristine forest area” designated as a park. It should be preserved as much as possible as open space.

Perhaps trails for hiking and bicycle riding are in order, but not a campground.

What is the definition of a park. The dictionary says it is “an area maintained in its natural state as a public property.” A park should be a place where one is able to refresh the soul and view the flora and fauna in peace. It is not a campground.

A campground will require cutting down of trees, paving of great areas, installing showers, bathrooms, ticket booths, picnic areas, possibly housing for employees, and probably a “little convenience store.” The people who use the campground will bring food and trash and noise.

It is not located next to the lake so they will be using their cars to drive in and out to get to the recreation areas causing even more traffic congestion and noise. A campground will also eliminate more wildlife. The bears, who have traditionally traversed the area in their annual tour around the Tahoe Basin, will, of course, all have to be removed the first time some tourist finds one in their “campsite.”

Between the bears killed on the highways and ones slaughtered by California Fish and Game this should finish them off. We have enough “campgrounds.” I know that when I enter a park I expect to see beautiful scenery, not another man-made, human filled commune. Where are The Sierra Club, The League To Save Lake Tahoe, and all the other organizations supposedly interested in the preservation of the area?

S. McKinnon

Zephyr Cove

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